Luisa Salvador

Degree in Pedagogy and Business Studies, AMI Montessori Guide 6-12 and Coach with NLP. Goethe Zertifikat C2 (German).

She is the 4th daughter of a wonderful family of five siblings. She was a very happy girl and that girl is still alive in her, giving her the illusion she needs to move forward in life.

She is lucky and pleased to dedicate herself body, mind and soul to her professional passion: education. She is a pedagogue, a specialist in active pedagogies, an AMI Montessori guide for ages 6-12 and an NLP Coach. She finished her degree in Business Studies and, later, she studied Pedagogy in Berlin, where she has been living for 14 years and has invaluable professional experiences that cover all educational levels.

Luisa is highly motivated, totally committed and having a great time with the development of this wonderful project that will revolutionize the world of education and education in the world. She is convinced that the change in the educational paradigm resided in (un)learning to teach and learning to accompany learning that more than just a play on words, it is a new way of life. In addition, she wants Terra not only to be a dream place for childhood, but also for everyone who steps foot in it. Education needs to evolve and we are going to revolutionize it.

She loves to be with people who add up; pack a backpack with things she needs, book a round-trip ticket to some unknown place and go on adventures. In addition, she knows that she will lack lives to learn everything she wants to learn. She is currently training in ATB (awareness through the body).

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