Alexandra de Santos

Primary Education Teacher, Graduate in Journalism, specialist in Educational Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, writer and trainer of teaching teams.

Alexandra is the eldest of two sisters and since becoming a big sister she has discovered her passion for education and childcare. She has dedicated all her professional efforts to discovering the essence of each child with whom she has shared her path and to training herself to be able to meet their needs in the best possible way.

Alexandra is a dreamer and a tireless seeker who is always reflecting and trying to find new ways to transform education and make this world a better place. Her desire to learn and her passion for communication have led her to undertake different educational projects that have added to her personal and professional experiences.

In her life she has discovered that the way to love herself comes from really knowing and understanding herself. And while she recognises how hard the process is, she is able to transform the suffering into gratitude so that she can look each child in the eye, accept him or her for who he or she is, and hold his or her hand so that he or she can discover all the beautiful and valuable things that lie within.

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