Terra, a conscious school

At Terra we apply a pedagogy based on the psychology of the innate, considering children as seeds that contain all the information they need to develop. Our function is to offer the best possible conditions, allowing them to germinate and flourish naturally, manifesting - in due time - the fruit they brought with them at birth. We know that each person is unique and has their own intelligence and creativity. This is why our pedagogical accompaniment process is personalised. We adapt to the needs and motivations of each child at different stages of their development in accordance with the eleven dimensions of conscious education.

About Terra

What is the school Terra like?

The architectural project is at the service of pedagogy.

We are committed to a new concept of a disruptive and innovative school that invites play and learning, stimulating creativity and imagination. Under the guidance of Eduard Balcells, an expert in innovative school architecture, the pedagogical team is designing the architectural project with different spacious, bright and very versatile learning spaces that promote autonomous and diversified learning. Among others, we have artistic workshops for carpentry, painting and ceramics, as well as a pedagogical kitchen, different laboratories, a makerspace, several vegetable gardens, etc…

History of Terra


The origin of Terra

Borja Vilaseca and Juan Olano begin to read everything they can find on educational innovation, laying the foundations of the school Terra.


Comply with the law

The lawyer Joan Josep Codina joins the team, in charge of ensuring that Terra complies with all the legal requirements to obtain the homologation and authorisation of the Departament d’Educaci√≥.


First business plan

Together with the expert in educational management, Ferran Teixes, a business model is created that includes a school for children, young people, learning coaches and families.


Pedagogical program

With the collaboration of conscious pedagogues, Margalida Gomila and Maribel del Toro, we began to give shape to the 11 dimensions of conscious education.


Architectural project

Together with the architect specialised in the creation of innovative schools, Eduard Balcells, we began to design a pioneering and innovative architectural project.


A patron appears

Thanks to a generous donation, we further professionalised the creative process, with Luisa Salvador, the pedagogical director, joining the team.


We choose location

We expanded the pedagogical team with experts in alternative pedagogies at the same time that we chose the location of our first school in Barcelona.


Opening doors...

We plan to open the first Terra Escuela Consciente in September 2024 in Valldoreix, starting with the early years stage between 3 and 5 years old.

Why is Terra an
innovative school?

Innovative architecture

Terra's architecture is versatile, disruptive and innovative. It has different environments equipped with a variety of materials that encourage active and meaningful learning that stimulates creativity and collaboration.

Education for life

At Terra we use the 11 dimensions of conscious education, an integral and meaningful methodology that enables children and young people to learn to be self-reliant in the different areas and dimensions of their lives.

Motivated learning coaches

All members of Terra's pedagogical team have gone through their own process of self-knowledge and personal transformation, which is crucial to accompany children and teenagers in a loving and respectful way.

Happy children

Terra's main objective is that children and teenagers learn to be happy on their own, discover their true purpose and know how to face life's challenges with responsibility, maturity and wisdom.

Active participation

Terra employs holacracy, a horizontal, democratic, decentralised and participatory management system in which everyone in the school can influence decision-making to improve what we do.

Why choose Terra School?

Personalised attention

The groups and learning spaces are designed to provide personalised attention and quality education. There is a maximum of 15 children per learning coach, being able to establish deep bonds with each one of them.

Trilingual communication

We offer a trilingual accompaniment so that the children communicate daily in English and Spanish with people who speak each language. In the case of Catalonia, they will also speak daily in Catalan.

Pedagogical vanguard

Since 2016, we have been developing, within the current regulations, an innovative pedagogical methodology that enables the new generations to have the attitude and the necessary tools to face the new challenges of the 21st century.

Passionate team

The professionals who are part of Terra have three things in common: we believe deeply in conscious education, we are people of integrity and we have experience in our respective fields of expertise.

Terra, an inclusive school

A space for collective growth where we all learn from each other.

At Terra, we are going to put all the necessary means to promote an inclusive education that ensures the well-being of all the people in our educational community. To achieve this, we will adapt to the individual needs of each child and teenager, as well as the circumstances of each family. We believe that inclusion is a task for society as a whole. Therefore, we offer a diverse and pluralistic environment that enables new generations to build a more empathetic, tolerant, committed and responsible society.

Join the educational revolution

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