Terra, much more
than a school

We are a multidisciplinary team of educators, psychologists, architects, scientists and managers who are passionate about transforming education. We have created our own methodology that allows children and teenagers to be the true protagonists of their educational process. Our commitment is that by the end of their school years they will be prepared to face the challenges of life, while complying with the curriculum established by the current legal framework. We are working to open our first school in September 2024 in Barcelona. And from there - with the help of sponsors, investors and local partners - we want to create an international and interconnected network of Terra schools.


for life

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What is the school Terra?

A conscious school committed to the integral development of children, young people, families and learning coaches.

"Terra" in Latin means "earth". We conceive children as "seeds", each one unique and singular. We call our teachers "learning coaches". And they act as "gardeners", providing the best possible conditions for their full development. Our commitment is that at the end of their school years, they will extract and manifest the "fruit" they brought with them at birth.

Terra School's educational offer

We will technically and emotionally accompany children and teenagers between the ages of 3 and 17.

Offering a quality alternative to the current educational system is no easy task. We have been researching and learning from the most innovative pedagogues and schools around the world since 2016. Over the years we have been developing and shaping our own methodology, so that – when we finally open our doors – the children and teenagers who come to Terra will have a truly enriching and transformative educational experience We intend to open the different educational levels gradually over the next few years.

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Early Years
3-5 years
September 2024
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6-11 years
September 2025
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12-15 years
September 2026
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16-17 years
September 2027

“We accompany the integral development of children and young people so that they can discover who they are, be truly happy, know what they have come into this world for and make their lives a work of art."

The 11 dimensions
of conscious education

An integral, personalised and meaningful education

At Terra we conceive education as the organic process that enables the natural development of each person's innate intelligence, happiness and creativity. With the intention of unleashing the potential that resides in every human seed, our methodology is composed of eleven dimensions, which take into account all the areas in which our existence develops and which we consider fundamental for the new generations to learn how to create a full and meaningful life.


Use technological tools with maturity.


To be in harmony with animals and nature.


Learn to solve your own problems.


Manage money responsibly and with integrity.


To develop imagination and creativity to the maximum.


Cultivate curiosity and critical thinking.


Relating to others with respect and honesty.


Knowing how to express oneself fluently and naturally.


Adopt a positive attitude towards life.


Taking care of the body for health, energy and vitality.


Living with purpose and meaning.

Conscious education for families

In this free online course Terra's founder, Borja Vilaseca, shares 7 keys for families to become the change they want to see in their sons and daughters.

Your free course on conscious education

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    Why is Terra an
    innovative school?

    Innovative architecture

    Terra's architecture is versatile, disruptive and innovative. It has different environments equipped with a variety of materials that encourage active and meaningful learning that stimulates creativity and collaboration.

    Education for life

    At Terra we use the 11 dimensions of conscious education, an integral and meaningful methodology that enables children and young people to learn to be self-reliant in the different areas and dimensions of their lives.

    Motivated learning coaches

    All members of Terra's pedagogical team have gone through their own process of self-knowledge and personal transformation, which is crucial to accompany children and teenagers in a loving and respectful way.

    Happy children

    Terra's main objective is that children and teenagers learn to be happy on their own, discover their true purpose and know how to face life's challenges with responsibility, maturity and wisdom.

    Active participation

    Terra employs holacracy, a horizontal, democratic, decentralised and participatory management system in which everyone in the school can influence decision-making to improve what we do.

    Why choose Terra School?

    Personalised attention

    The groups and learning spaces are designed to provide personalised attention and quality education. There is a maximum of 15 children per chaperone, being able to establish deep bonds with each one of them.

    Trilingual communication

    We offer a trilingual accompaniment so that the children communicate daily in English and Spanish with people who speak each language. In the case of Catalonia, they will also speak daily in Catalan.

    Pedagogical vanguard

    Since 2016, we have been developing, within the current regulations, an innovative pedagogical methodology that enables the new generations to have the attitude and the necessary tools to face the new challenges of the 21st century.

    Passionate team

    The professionals who are part of Terra have three things in common: we believe deeply in conscious education, we are people of integrity and we have experience in our respective fields of expertise.

    “Qué gusto tener profesores que
    creen en lo que hacen”

    “Las otras escuelas son un rollo,
    Terra mola mucho”

    “Qué gusto tener profesores que creen
    en lo que hacen”

    “Las otras escuelas son un rollo,
    Terra mola mucho”

    Conscious education promotes
    a new educational paradigm

    In Terra we question the old way of conditioning the new generations,
    opening ourselves to a much more loving and respectful way of looking at them and accompanying them.

    Traditional education

    Standardised assembly line
    Classrooms with blackboard and chairs
    Teacher as an authority
    Mechanical transmission of knowledge
    Homework, exams and grades
    Is taught to obey
    Technical preparation for the Selectividad

    Conscious education

    Integral and personalised methodology
    Flexible and stimulating spaces
    Children as protagonists
    Experiential facilitation of learning
    Desires and 360º monitoring
    Freedom of thought is encouraged
    Comprehensive training for life

    Never stop learning

    Check out our blog articles on conscious education.

    Borja Vilaseca

    Founder of Terra School

    Letter from the founder

    I never saw the point of the industrial education system. From a very young age I became the clown, the hooligan and the rebel of the class. I was deeply bored and found it very difficult to remain still and silent. At another time I would probably have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Today, I feel totally motivated and committed to complete the great gambit: to revolutionise the education system, creating together with an extraordinary team the school I would have loved to go to.

    Join the educational revolution

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