Innovative educational methodology

We believe that the educational transformation that this world needs inevitably begins with the individual change of the people who exercise the role of educators. The pillars of conscious education are its eleven dimensions, the spaces and accompaniment. We focus on development as a whole, so that children and teenagers acquire the necessary skills in all areas of the curriculum. Our commitment is that at the age of 18, young people will have a "conscious attitude". That is to say, of a certain mentality towards life that allows them to solve their emotional conflicts and existential problems by themselves, being able to successfully face the new challenges posed by the uncertain future.

What is the educational methodology of the school Terra?

Our pedagogy is inspired by the legacy of great innovative pedagogues such as Maria Montessori, Bernard Aucouturier, Loris Malaguzzi, Arno Stern, Howard Gardner, Herbert Hagstedt, Dylan William and Reggio Emilia, among others… We use an integral and transversal approach that develops both the left and right hemispheres, fostering the cultivation of the body, mind and soul. And all this is based on active methodologies that combine different support strategies, placing children and young people at the centre of their own growth. This process is carried out in a collaborative way, generating rich learning experiences applied to real life. In this way, we promote levels of autonomy corresponding to the possibilities of each person.


Use technological tools with maturity.


To be in harmony with animals and nature.


Learn to solve your own problems.


Manage money responsibly and with integrity.


To develop imagination and creativity to the maximum.


Cultivate curiosity and critical thinking.


Relating to others with respect and honesty.


Knowing how to express oneself fluently and naturally.


Adopt a positive attitude towards life.


Taking care of the body for health, energy and vitality.


Living with purpose and meaning.

How are learning groups organised?

We are very clear that there are many ways to learn and not just one way to teach. Therefore, at all educational levels we organise the groups in heterogeneous age groups, favouring social cohesion, respect for diversity and participation. As roles change each year, so do the roles that children have within the school. Thus, one year they are the smallest of their group, another year the medium-sized ones, and the third year, the older ones. And in the next cycle they start all over again, constantly having to adapt to a new situation, which increases their flexibility and resilience, as well as their empathy and collaborative spirit. In this way they learn by teaching and teach by learning.

Stage Cycles Age
Early years Education
1º cycle
2º cycle
1-2 years
3-5 years
Primary education
1º cycle
2º cycle
6-8 years
9-11 years
Secondary education
1º cycle
2º cycle
12-13 years
14-15 years
16-17 years

We want to train conscious people

We have developed an exit competency profile which, in addition to honoring the uniqueness of children enhances a number of fundamental values for life.

Our commitment is that at the end of their school years, all young people who leave Terra will enjoy a healthy self-esteem, honor their uniqueness, and know how to empathetically relate to others and contribute much value to society by through a useful, creative and meaningful professional function.

Examples of innovative educational projects

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Proyecto innovador 01


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Proyecto innovador 04


Proyecto innovador 05


Proyecto innovador 06


Conscious education promotes
a new educational paradigm

In Terra we question the old way of conditioning the new generations,
opening ourselves to a much more loving and respectful way of looking at them and accompanying them.

Traditional education

Standardised assembly line
Classrooms with blackboard and chairs
Teacher as an authority
Mechanical transmission of knowledge
Homework, exams and grades
Is taught to obey
Technical preparation for the Selectividad

Conscious education

Integral and personalised methodology
Flexible and stimulating spaces
Children as protagonists
Experiential facilitation of learning
Desires and 360º monitoring
Freedom of thought is encouraged
Comprehensive training for life

Conscious Education Manifesto

The 10 pillars on which the Terra Escuela Consciente is based

Terra is the school that all of us who are part of this wonderful project would have loved to attend. In turn, we have asked hundreds of children and young people what they think school should be like. And as a summary, we have drawn up this Decalogue of Conscious Education, which summarises the essence of our pedagogical approach.


Children are seeds


The learning coaches are gardeners


The school is fertile ground


Love is the best fertilizer


Happiness is the fruit


Education is plural, mixed and personalised


Learning is born from curiosity


Learning by doing and experimenting


Effort arises from motivation


Monitoring is 360º and always constructive

Conscious education for families

In this free online course Terra's founder, Borja Vilaseca, shares 7 keys for families to become the change they want to see in their sons and daughters.

Your free course on conscious education

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    Why is Terra an
    innovative school?

    Innovative architecture

    Terra's architecture is versatile, disruptive and innovative. It has different environments equipped with a variety of materials that encourage active and meaningful learning that stimulates creativity and collaboration.

    Education for life

    At Terra we use the 11 dimensions of conscious education, an integral and meaningful methodology that enables children and young people to learn to be self-reliant in the different areas and dimensions of their lives.

    Motivated learning coaches

    All members of Terra's pedagogical team have gone through their own process of self-knowledge and personal transformation, which is crucial to accompany children and teenagers in a loving and respectful way.

    Happy children

    Terra's main objective is that children and teenagers learn to be happy on their own, discover their true purpose and know how to face life's challenges with responsibility, maturity and wisdom.

    Active participation

    Terra employs holacracy, a horizontal, democratic, decentralised and participatory management system in which everyone in the school can influence decision-making to improve what we do.

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