Juan De Olano

Senior Engineer, Strategic Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur.

Juan de Olano is the youngest in a family of 4 children. He is happily married and has 3 wonderful children, all of them very different and unique. Since he was little, he has always dreamed of changing the world, improving it, no matter how small. In his youth, he came to consider that politics was the way, but he soon discovered that the true way is education. Moved by great curiosity to know how things work, he studied Industrial Engineering. A career that actually gave him a few answers, but at the same time with which he was greatly disappointed because after many years of studying (school + university) he realized that deep down knowing what he says he knows, he did not know how to do nothing. Moved by the desire to continue learning and to be financially independent, he began working at Accenture as an analyst and later as a consultant. After 5 years and after having learned a lot, he started in the world of entrepreneurship creating one company after another, all of them related to Real Estate. In 2015 he began advising Borja Vilaseca, among others, with whom he developed a great friendship, which led to the big question that led us here: What do you really want to do with your life? To which we both responded, change education by creating a spectacular school.

Currently, his companies have a turnover of just over €5M between all of them, and thanks to this, there is enough structure for Juan to focus all his efforts on Terra and the Utópica Foundation, of which he is the general director.

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