The 10 characteristics of conscious educators

At Terra Escuela Consciente teachers and professors are called “learning coaches”. Essentially because its function is not to teach knowledge, but to coach students in their learning, growth and evolution process. All of them have transformed with us and agree 100% with the following decalogue:

1. They know themselves. They have been committed to their own self-knowledge and spiritual development for many years. They are awake, they live consciously and they know how to put the needs of children before those of their ego.

2. They are genuinely happy. They love their life, they enjoy emotional stability, they feel at peace with themselves and they transmit positive energy in all their interactions while they are in class.

3. Their life purpose is to educate. They are very clear that their life mission is to accompany the kids so that they learn to be truly happy and discover for themselves what their life purpose is.

4. They are experts in conscious education. They have questioned the old industrial educational system. They have transformed and have a lot of experience teaching and accompanying kids in alternative, free and innovative schools.

5. Their main quality is empathy. They know how to “get out of themselves” and listen actively, putting themselves in the shoes of their students, understanding the type of conflicts and potential that are hidden in each one of them.

6. They are more patient than patience. They flow with what happens and adapt at all times to what happens in class, without taking anything the kids say or do personally.

7. They are masters of assertiveness. They know how to set limits firmly, but always in a loving way. They speak respectfully to the kids, using nonviolent communication to deal with and resolve any conflict.

8. They follow their intuition. When they are in class they feel the energy of the group, knowing at all times what the kids need at all times to get the best out of them and facilitate quality educational experiences.

9. They keep the flame of creativity alive. They have a lot of imagination, proposing original exercises and dynamics that motivate, inspire and stimulate the creativity of the kids.

10. They live their profession with enthusiasm. They deeply love what they do, they love dealing with kids and they enjoy the classes with passion and dedication to service. They feel grateful to be able to dedicate themselves to education.

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Sigue inspirándote con Terra.

Sigue inspirándote con Terra.

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