Borja Vilaseca

Writer, social entrepreneur and agitator of consciousness.

Borja Vilaseca is happily married and is the father of a girl and a boy. He works as a writer, lecturer, teacher, social entrepreneur, businessman, investor and creator of educational projects aimed at promoting a paradigm shift in society. His life purpose is to enable the greatest number of human beings to wake up and live consciously. For this reason, above all, he considers himself an agitator of consciences.

He is the founder of Kuestiona, an educational community for seekers and non-conformists that promotes face-to-face and online programs so that people become the change that this world so badly needs. He is also the founder of the Utopika Foundation, a conscious venture builder dedicated to create and financiate companies with social impact aimed at awakening human consciousness.

At the same time, he is the founder of La Akademia, a citizen movement that promotes free educational and entrepreneurial education for young people between the ages of 18 and 23 years, present in more than 50 cities in 7 countries. He is also the founder of Terra, a conscious school from 1 to 17 years old that aims to revolutionize the educational system.

He is one of the Spanish-speaking references in the field of self-knowledge, spiritual development and professional reinvention. He has more than 3 million followers on all his social networks. He is one of the world’s leading Enneagram experts: since 2006 he has taught more than 300 face-to-face and online courses for more than 75.000 people in different countries.

As a writer, he has published eight books: Encantado de conocerme, El Principito se pone la corbata, El sinsentido común, Qué harías si no tuvieras miedo, Las casualidades no existen, Tú eres lo único que falta en tu vida, El prozac de Séneca , Ni felices ni para siemprethe latter two through his pseudonym, Clay Newman. His literary work has been translated and published in 21 countries and has sold more than 500.000 books.

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