Emma Henríquez

Educadora Infantil, actriz y productora.

Emma is the only child of a single-parent family. She grew up very close to her grandfather, who passed on to her a love of learning. Her “adaptation” difficulties to her educational system led her to go through various schools and methods. She started law at university, but soon discovered that she was not what she was looking for.

At the age of 22, she started her business for the first time and opened a bookstore-activity centre, thanks to which she discovered one of her greatest passions: theatre. After training in acting, she started again, creating a theatre company that toured throughout Spain for eight years.

Always eager for new learning, her motherhood brought her great personal expansion and allowed her to surrender to another of her passions: education.

She is motivated by life by excellence. She is a lover of her family, nature and sports. Always ready for a new challenge, Emma puts all her versatility, management capacity and organization at the service of Terra to materialize the conscious education model and make it flourish.

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