Terra Escuela Consciente Manifesto

Terra is the school that all the adults who are part of this wonderful project would have loved to go to. At the same time, we have asked hundreds of children and young people what they think schools should be like in order to grow and develop in a truly happy way. And as a summary among all of us we have prepared this decalogue of conscious education, which becomes our manifiesto, synthesizing the essence of our pedagogical methodology.

1. The children are seeds. Each of them are born with a unique intelligence and a different essence. Our role is to create the right conditions for them to grow and flourish organically.

2. Learning coaches are gardeners. We coach children in a loving and respectful way so that they discover what truly motivates them and so that they develop their full innate potential.

3. The school is fertile ground. The architecture of the spaces and environments where children carry out their learning processes are harmonious, flexible and inspiring. They are “the third educator”.

4. Love is the best fertilizer. We lovingly coach children so that they learn to enjoy healthy self-esteem, love themselves unconditionally and know how to love and respect others.

5. Happiness is the fruit. Our goal is that children learn to be happy on their own, discover their true purpose and know how to face life’s challenges with awareness and wisdom.

6. Education is plural, mixed and personalized. We bring together children of different ages to support each other, adapting to the particular needs of each one of them during their evolutionary process.

7. Learning is born from curiosity. We do not impose duties. Rather we stimulate desires. The projects that children undertake are on their own initiative, motivated by their curiosity and desire to learn.

8. You learn by doing and experimenting. We encourage all kinds of activities related to the body, mind and spirit so that children know who they are and what they want to do with their lives in an intuitive and experiential way.

9. Effort arises from motivation. We coach children to discover what they really like (passion), are good at (talent) and motivate them (purpose). Everything else comes in addition.

10. Assessments are 360º and always kind. We do not use traditional tests or notes, but qualitative and sensible assessment methods to measure the growth of each child, who in turn assess their learning coaches.

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Sigue inspirándote con Terra.

Sigue inspirándote con Terra.

¡Suscríbete a nuestra Newsletter!

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